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1. Brocade + White strobe

2. Purple peony + Lemon

3. Red/Green wave + Crackling

4. Titanium silver chrysanthemum ring

5. Sky blue to orange ring

6. Red and sky blue to white strobe ring


Product Details

Category: Reloadable Cases
Case Packing: 6 boxes per case
Box Contents: 6 shells;
1 fiberglass tube
Shells per Case: 36 shells
Breaks per Case: 36 total breaks
Breaks per Shell: 1 break
Effects: Brocade, Strobe, Peony, Wave, Crackling, Chrysanthemum, Ring
Colors: Gold, White, Purple, Lemon, Red, Green, Silver, Blue, Orange
Retail Price: $80.00 per piece
Case Price: $154.99
Item Number: 17108
Manufacturer: Displayfireworks1


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